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«Три функции» - газета «Комсомольская правда» Тульский выпуск 28 октября 2004г.

«Наша марка» выпуск 7 марта 2007г.

The Tula Construction Company Ltd. (rus.«Tulskaya Stroitelnaya Kompania», abbr.TSK Ltd.), was established in 1997 with the license of Russian Federation State ConstructionCommittee, that allowed it to perform 12 kindsof construction operations. Since 1999 the company has been acting as a customer and prime contractor of construction works.

We employ our own resources to lay reinforced concrete bases and drainages, mount iron-concrete constructions, make brick placing, electric assembly, plastering works, and carpentry. For the fulfillment of other constructive works we involve external subcontracting organizations.
At present we perform the construction works at 9 building sites, including the construction of a 14-storeyed dwelling with the use of SCOP PPB assembly monolithic frame.
In the nearest 5 years we are planning to increase the quantity of construction sites, mastering the technology of erecting the entire monolithic frames, and also to create a design department within the company.
As a prime contractor we are interested in performing the large investment projects, and participating in the programs for the hypothec crediting of dwelling construction.

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